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    I have been a loyal supporter of the Oleg Maddox development team from before FB came out. I have purchased all their products.


    Jeeeeez, I am pissed !!

    And I don't want to hear about Ubi.com or ASE either. The community does not use them. They use Jiri's HyperLobby. For good reason! It is superior. Plain and simple.

    From my readings on this situation, I have come to understand that Jiri's hosting company is using an outdated Linux kernerl that restricts player count to 980. Surely Ubi can provide this man with a server!!! He services 95% of the Online Community. Get it together already! We buy the product, we are loyal to the community and the developer, we deserve some basic services and respect. Its not all about charging us for new games and addons. I have no problem purchasing those, but **** I want some basic services with that if you please. Support for things like skins and a proper multiplayer interface are basics!

    Try to get your thumb out and fix some of these problems. Wow, nothing to piss me off like corporate greed. Give the man a server, whatever it takes, you have thousands of online players, service them already. What kind of game company doesn't support MP???

    Get it together
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    Now i use All Seeing eye, no connection limits....

    but no chat... :-\
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    i hope you get banned
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by noshens:
    i hope you get banned <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Its sad when cousins marry.
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    Anything that is not the "zone" is superior.

    Averaging 50 players in Ubi, its very quiet and everyone is there to play
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    Technically, nobody owes you anything...
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    Why should Ubi support a 3rd party program when they have their own.

    They would be better off making their server more popular.
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    As much as I don't like Ubi's business policies, I'd like you to explain to me how HyperLobby being based on an old server with a connection limit is Ubi;s problem.

    Jiri is independant. He's not either employed by or affiliateed with Ubi. If you'd thought this through you'd realise your post is badly thought out and unwarranted.

    The only way the HyperLobby player limit would become Ubi's problem would be if they bought it and the rights to the software from Jiri. And since they already supply a game lobby, that is hardly likely is it?

    Bottom line is you're are barking up the wrong tree with this one. If I were you I'd delete or edit your post.
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    Vent your frustrations at something else. Oleg/UBISoft and HL have no relationship whatsoever. It's not fair to blame Oleg when HL is full. You can still play at UBI. There are servers there. UBI.COM WORKS. Sortof.

    Frankly, I hope HL is full regularly now. Then maybe, just maybe, UBI might feel the pressure to make the necessary changes to be able to host the DS in the right room. With a router.

    At the very least, HL being full means people across the world actually have the game in mass quantity now. Something we've not seen before. Good news for Oleg and future development.
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    Why can't people think before they post... and I actually refer this to all people bashing the creator of this thread!

    Acting cool because you know something that he naturally won't know, because he's just a normal user just like you and me who doesn't want to spend much time with small-written stuff. His assumptions were reasonable, if the reality is different tell him so, but don't bash him like that!
    (And still the community likes to show off with its maturity against other flight sims... yet almost nothing of that can be seen here, since this is not the first topic of this kind).
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