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    I have played IL2 Forgotten Battles and Ace Expansion for years and online for about one year. I purchased 1946 about a month ago and think it is awesome but every time I hit the "Play it on UBI.com" button, the game ends. Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix it?
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    I think this belongs to the Community Help section. Anyway you should try Hyperlobby instead of Ubi.com. All the true aces fly there
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    Why on earth would you want to fly on UBI? Well unless you never heard of Hyperlobby that is. Nobody flies over at UBI anymore and it has not been updated in years. You can find a thousand pilots daily on Hyperlobby and I highly recommend you use it if you wish to fly online.

    Dowload Hyperlobby click here!

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    You'll probably need to re-install UBI's GameService.

    You can't re-install it from the '46 DVD - Ubisoft was too kind when they encrypted all files in the cabinet archives... the bstards don't want us to play through their gameservice or something...
    Do as said above, fly at Hyper - many more games and pilots there anyway. Ubi's no fun since they closed the chat years ago instead of going after the hackers or introducing some security on their server.
    You could try UBI customer support - It could take a while before they realize they unplugged that line too \good luck anyway.
    this solution by MrJolly might help
    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">your game must be installed in the default directory for this to work</span> If it is not, you need to edit the registry key values in the archive before you run them to point to the right directory, or edit the windows registry by hand.
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    The UBI service comes with every game UBI makes, it always asks before installing and I never install it and delete any parts of it I find and Boonty as well. I never have a problem connecting to a game and as well as Hyperlobby you can also try ASE or All Seeing Eye which is simple and you can filter down to just games in a specific ping, continent, ect.. but UBI.com is an obsolete PoS that no-one uses.
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    I had that problem at one time. I couldn't re-install UBI Game Service after deleting it and searching the registry for its little tentacles. I contacted UBI by email and within 48 hours they sent me a file that searched the registry and removed all traces of the old installation. I was then able to successfully install the game service. I don't use the UBI Game Service anymore, but that is what I had to do. It made no difference that I had the game service installed in other than the default directory. I just went to the UBI.COM to see if it still worked and saw some games listed and people playing. Here is a sight to contact for support. http://support.ubi.com

    I hope this answered the question that you asked. I hope this answered the question that you asked.

    As for HyperLobby most of the online games for the IL-2 Series are hosted there as well as a few other games. I can't answer for All Seeing Eye because I have never used it. You can also bypass HyperLobby if you know the game's IP address.
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    Forget UBI. If you just want to play then go to UBI. If you want to fly in the virtual skies of the IL2 universe then go to Hyperlobby
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