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    It's currently installed on my laptop, but I know I won't be using this laptop forever as I want a beast of a PC. I have read I can't re-install the bonus content on a different computer...does this also mean you ca't install the game too?
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    You can install on as many computers as you want because your key is linked to your Uplay account.

    What you cannot do is have 2 computers trying to play online at the same time with the same Uplay account.
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    Ah, that's good news then.

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    Uplay Download on 2 pc's

    ok that's good news but where can I download it a second time for my other pc
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    from the uplay app
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    on the same account?

    wont you be charged again?
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    Hey SirCryloc - welcome to the Ubisoft Forums!

    All of your Ubisoft Store purchases are permanently associated with the Ubisoft Account used. In terms of PC games, they are added to your Uplay library and remain there for you to access.

    You would not be charged again to install the game on another device, as you have already purchased it.
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