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    Here is my problem, when navigating (flying strait and at cruiser speed) with my wingman....with auto-pilot on, no problem, but as soon as I put it in off, there is no way to keep pase with him...I tried everything....full trottle, open/close ratiator...but nothing happend, I always start to be apart....any ideas why???
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    this don\'t make no sense!
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    Trim and engine management. Things like supercharger settings and fuel mix (control varries by plane - some are auto) play into this huge.

    Whatever the AI does I can do just as well or better. Even speed in level flight...but I've had 4 years to figure out this stuff.

    Let us know what the plane type is and someone can give you some pointers on how to get the most of it.
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    Brewster Buffalo in the Finnish campaing. HELP PLEASE!!
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    Sorry for my ignorance....but, what is TRIM?????????
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    it allows you to set the controls so you do need to put pressure on the stick

    a correctly trimmed aircraft will maintain the same attitude even if you take your hands off the stick

    this helps the plane fly more efficiently but also is useful for shooting

    not some aircraft (viz 109) only have stick trim and no rudder trim

    its set in the keymaps
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    OK, thank you.
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