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    SCENE 1:

    DESMOND awakens, sits up, and looks around. He is in Inception's LIMBO, on some sort of beach with broken structures and glitchy shapes floating around. A CELL PHONE rings from within Desmond's pocket. He pulls out the phone and answers:

    DESMOND: Hello?

    ROMAN BELLIC: Cousin! Let's go bowling!

    Desmond looks at his reflection in a piece of glass. He looks like Niko Bellic from GTA IV. Desmond drops the cell phone on the ground and takes a few steps back. From the left, a MAN walks up to Desmond and speaks:

    SUBJECT 16: Desmond. How's it going, buddy? I was wondering when you'd show up!

    DESMOND: 16? Your voice sound different. And you sound a lot more... peppy... than you did in your encrypted messages.

    SUBJECT 16: Well, the character "Subject 16" was such a downer. So they made me more interesting! Get it?

    DESMOND: I guess so... So, is this going to be an Ezio game? Or an Altair game?

    SUBJECT 16: Both! This game will finish out both Ezio's and Altair's stories, and show how they tie together.

    DESMOND: But how will they explain me? Like, why am I just sitting in the Animus reliving these memories? Didn't we already get The Apple? Are they going to further the story outside of the Animus?

    SUBJECT 16: Ah, yes, we thought of that too. See, you've been in the Animus too long, so your mind is having trouble separating you from Ezio and Altair. So, you'll have to play through- i mean, finish reliving their memories in order to save your mind.

    DESMOND (thinks for a moment): ...I suppose I buy that...
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    Reported for Spoilers...hopefully the title will stop people reading
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