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    Judging by its reviews and awards, this should be a film worth seeing.

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    Judging by its reviews and awards, this should be a film worth seeing.

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    looks interesting

    Crashing online as :FI:SpinyNorman

    Normally Spiny Norman was wont to be about
    twelve feet from snout to tail, but when Dinsdale was depressed Norman could be
    anything up to eight hundred yards long.
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    Might be worth a look. Thanks for the link.
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    Looks pretty good,any idea when its going to be released in the UK?


    "We are not retreating, we are advancing in another direction. " ~ General Douglas MacArthur.

    "It takes more courage to retreat,then to advance in the Soviet army!" - Joseph Stalin.
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    I actually saw this movie at a local screening here in Utah a few months ago. I eat up any realistic WWII movies I can find. So I was pretty excited to see this one.

    Keep in mind, I saw the version when it was unrated. However, once it went to get rated it received an R rating. So I understand they changed some things around to get a PG-13 rating. Thus, what I saw might not be exactly what will be on the big screen. There was a fairly bloody scene when one of them gets shot in the leg and they try to treat him. Think of Blackhawk Down. I bet that got cut or at least toned down. As a welcomed relief, there was minimal cursing. No nudity or anything even close. Other than the leg thing, I really wouldn't think it should have been rated R.

    My first thoughts after the movie was over was that it didn't live up to my expectations, which were probably too high. The acting was decent overall. Some good some bad. The effects were pretty good. The grenade expolsions were done very well IMHO. They had good recreation of uniforms and had quite a few restored WWII vehicles in it (from private collections here in Utah if I remember correctly). They even blew up real WWII Willy's Jeep.

    The basic plot is that there are some American survivors of the Malmedy Massacre from the Ardenne Offensive who meet up with a RAF pilot that was shot down with some important time sensitive recon photos. They try to get back through the German lines to the American side.

    Oh yea, they had one scene had a pretty unrealistic use of a bazooka or captured panzerfaust, can't remember which, used to attack infantry, in the forest, from a distance when they had a 30 cal machine gun right there... How would they know the Germans didn't have armor or would bring armor up shortly? They wouldn't waste their only few shots of the only antitank weapon they had to kill a couple infantry here and there. I'm sure they put it in to give the movie more fire and explosions since most of it is small arms battles...

    I would definitely recommend it to any people who like WWII movies. If you don't expect the world, you will enjoy it. I will personally go see it again when it is released to find out what they changed and to give more money to it so more people will want to make WWII movies similar to it in the future. Will the DVD be purchase worthy? hmmmmm... probably. Is the movie worth seeing at least once? Yes.

    Sorry for any grammer, run-on sentences, or spelling. It is late and I was about to not post at all. Then I got too carried away...

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    Great movie, got it on DVD and must say A'MUST SEE for WW2 movie lovers because of the historical background.
    About the cut scene of the leg treatment of the RAF pilot, it's still in the movie.
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    It looks promising.

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