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    How did the game some how end up in Italy from Juerusalem etc?

    Also in the Lineage Video Giovanni intrudes on Borgia jumping from the roof top late at night? Why would he suspect that he was doing anything wrong other than walking arond at night with a few men? This is what kick starts the whole story and the beginning, the reasons to why Giovanni intruded on him makes no sense.

    Another thing to note is why did Ezio travel to Venice after Emilo Barbargio? How did he know he was apart of this conspiracy? from his fathers list i can only presume for only giovanni knew of Emilo barbargio through the lineage movie where he passes a letter to be delivered.

    And one final question who is Fra Giocondo, i only have mention of him thus far through a letter to master borgia early on the story in regards to Vieri Di Pazzi... i cant remember seeing him...

    Please note on the glph puzzle "the flames from its throat POKE out their eyes" in the top left hand corner there is a number grid that most likely can be deciphered but i do not know how... anyone know the answers to these questions??

    Open for discussion

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    If you get the Auditore Tomb mission from Uplay it tells how you got there.

    Not sure about the lineage thing.

    Emilo Barbargio is at the meeting at the Roman theatre when the last Pazzi guy apologizes to Borgia and gets stabbed.

    On your own for the last two.
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