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    I signed in but it won't let me into ImagineTown I'm getting really confused. I really want back into Imagine Town so please help me!
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    IKR! It's 10:40 Est and it won't let me in1 It says that it's closed and all the times they are open but it is TIME to open! And welcome to the forums!
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    Okay I welcome BOTH of you to the forums.
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    YEAH!!! so annoying its 8:44 its suppose to open at 8! ITS NOT WORKING!!! WHAAAA!
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    Same thing!!! its 11 55 and it was supposed to open at 11
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    I'm having the same problem! Maybe it won't open because it's a weekday?
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    IM IN!!!!!!!!
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    the game is starting to run 24/7 JUST FOR A LITTLE WHILE there was a technical issue. Sorry about that. We should have it up and running correctly for tomorrow as well.

    ALSO DO NOT MAKE A NEW AVATAR PASSWORD ETC You are only allowed to have ONE account, any others will be banned. Sorry.
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    good to know i'm not the only person with the problem!
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