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    usually im thinking explode bastar explode into litle pieces

    i would prefer to be more respetfull with the enemy and dont want to humiliate him

    the long dogfights are good for this you begin to admire your foe and respect him and at the end there are usually some words that build up friendship
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    I usually think, "Ha ha, wingman, you didn't steal THAT kill!"
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    I'm usually thinking "better him than me, now who's on my six?"
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    Usually, i don`t think anything about the enemy plane at all after he`s shot down on or off-line. I usually think:

    "Where`s the next enemy?" or

    "Where`s my wingman?" or

    "What`s the situation now?" or sometimes:

    "He blew up! Didn`t expect that."

    Only truly difficult pilots get any thoughts, like:

    "Nice try, but not good enough."

    "Damn, he was hard to get."


    I do have have special ones for chute-shooters and vulchers like:

    "Ha! Served you right!"

    "Taught you a lesson in manners!"

    "Eat dirt, boyo!"
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    Wow I was aiming at the other bloke :O
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    Depends on how hard he was to get and whether he did any damage to me in the process.

    If I've been damaged I tend to think "Up yours" or something similar.

    If it was relatively easy, I tend to think "That would have been quite sad in real life."
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    I usually think. Well thats the result of being the best fighter pilot online.

    But when I'm shot down I think, "well thats the exception of the rule."

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    I try to build up a picture of what the guy in the trashed plane is doing and how is hes situation right now, after that i dp a damage control of my plane!
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    I pretend that I am fighting a raaaid clone army and that the raaaid clones in the planes are devising ways to use the energy of their uncontrollable spin to power spacecraft from the future.
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