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Ubisoft has released a patch that should fix errors like "Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application", "The wrong volume is in the drive. Please insert Myst 4_1", etc.

This is the Myst IV: Revelation v1.03 - NoDVD Patch,, 654 KB, available here.

To apply the patch:
-- a. Save to your hard drive.
-- b. Extract the 3 files it contains - m4_thor_rd.dll, Myst4.exe, and Readme.txt - to where you saved
-- c. Go to \Program Files\UBISOFT\Myst IV - Revelation\bin and for backup purposes rename m4_thor_rd.dll and Myst4.exe. For example, rename m4_thor_rd.dll to m4_thor_rd_OLD.dll.exe.
-- d. Copy the m4_thor_rd.dll and Myst4.exe patch files to \Program Files\UBISOFT\Myst IV - Revelation\bin.
-- e. Play Revelation.

For a list of drives reported to have problems with Revelation, see Another DVD problem.

And from the Ubisoft Solution Center:

"Myst IV Revelation Disks Not Being Recognized in My Drive

My computer does not recognize either of the Myst IV Revelation disks.

Myst IV Revelation uses DVD format disks. These can only be read by DVD-ROM drives. You will need to ensure that your drive is able to read DVD disks. The easiest way to test this is to see if your computer can recognize or play DVD movies.

Please note that some DVD-RW drive may have problems with the copy protection on the game disks and are not recommended."

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