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    I wanted to try the MystIV demo but I can't get it to work. The install goes well but when I launch and the 'configurator' comes up, it says my system might not be compatible. Would love some help to get this working. Thanks.

    My specs:
    AMD 64x2 3800 dual core
    2GB RAM
    GeForce 7800GT

    When I start the game I see my 'hand' cursor in the middle of a gray window. The camera and video camera are at the bottom.

    Here is what I see:PIC

    Here is my DX Diag log: DX
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    As a first pass, try correctly installing the proper video driver for Revelation. See Myst IV: Installing Video Drivers With Win XP, under Installing NVIDIA Drivers.

    Also note that your RAID configuration may be the problem. That is, so long as you're RAIDing, you may not be able to play Revelation, no matter what you do!
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    Thanks for the tips Heimdall.

    I can not find 84.15. I did uninstall and install 81.98 a couple days ago. I suppose I can try some of the older versions though. Which do you consider to be the 'correct' version?

    Also, I am running the RAID 0+1 on this system. Will the retail version of the game work if this is what is causing the probs with the demo?

    thanks again.
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    NVIDIA issued ForceWare 84.15 on 03/09/06, then withdrew it in favor of version 84.21 (03/17/06). Which I didn't notice. Myst IV: Installing Video Drivers With Win XP is now updated to indicate that 84.21 is the latest version.

    The retail version of Revelation will probably not work with your RAID configuration. But if you can work out a deal where returning the game for a refund is an option, you could try it.
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