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    When upgrading, do i need to use a driver cleaner and really get out all residual drivers, or can i just remove the old display drivers from the control panal and then install the new card and drivers?

    And thanks to evga for their step-up program. I only have to pay the difference between the 2 cards to upgrade. Is that great or what?
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    I've never had a problem just overwriting the existing driver especially if your upgrading to basicly the same card. Still it doesn't take long to uninstall them in the control panel, reboot, and reload the drivers.
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    Download the latest Nvidia Reference drivers so you have em handy... physically install the new card... system will probably come up at 800x600... Run Nvidia driver install app... reboot... increase resolution and color depth to whatever you normally run... done...

    Its been years (pre-merged Nvidia driver set) since I've had to fool around with removing drivers, setting back to VGA Driver etc. Just install the new card and run the executable.
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    Thanks, thats about what i figured and the way i normally do it.

    Too bad it looks like it may be awhile before i see the new ard though. I'm #282 in the queue and its not moving. They are out of stock on the new superclocked 7900gtx. So maybe a month or so before they catch up.

    Still, its a great program that allows you to step up for only the difference in cost between the 2 cards. Although, i'm not as impressed as i was when i thought they had cards in stock and it wpuld only take a week or so to do the swap. Oh well, guess i'll have to suffer thru another month with only the superclocked 7800gt. Oh poor me.
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    Additionally, use ReForce to set your monitor refresh at all resolutions up fron 60Hz. BTW, you'll love the 7900GTX, unbelieveable performance.
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