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    So after a few attempts I'm not sure what happens. I start the Russian campaing in the small green plane (Fighter - Leningrad 1941 - 3 I 16 Type 24), with custom options (no complex engine management, no engine overheat, etc). Each time, after about 10min of flight time towards the enemy my engine goes off and stops, and the best I can do is glide to land.
    Any idea what I may be missing?
    Also, in the same mission, when I take off, G does not pull up my gear - but when I hit autopilot it will do it for me, and then I can resume control...

    Can anyone explain this?
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    The landing gear in the I-16 is manual. You must assign one key to raise the gear and another to lower it. You must hit the key repeatedly to raise or lower it completely. THe same is true for the F4F wildcat.

    The engine is probably cutting out due to negative G which is something that affects a number of planes. Try to avoid negative g maneuvers and it will not cut out. Oftentimes I find that I can restart the engine if it quits.
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    You`re in an I16. These aircraft are good turners and had the best cannons of the time, but had engines that due to limitations in real life, conk out if you DIP your plane too fast. You have to roll over and dive if you want to dive (watch the AI, they do it). Something to do with `negative g`....

    This plane also has MANUAL gears. you need to assign you keys to manual `up` and `down`. when you take off, tap the kep to bring in the gears and again to lower them.

    Now you`ve learned something about the reality of early flight in early WWII Fighter russian aircraft that you can tell your friends! IL2 educates!
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    Oh my, thank you very much, indeed I am learning and this game makes it so interesting.
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