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    pls someone tell me if the game isnt coming out soon why would they sell pre-orders?????............

    They wouldnt they cant start selling physical pre-orders in March when it comes out in 4 months.....yes physical pre-orders go look....
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    they could do it 4 years befor it comes out,EB wants to kown how many copys they need
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    No one knows. You're new so I'll just give you a few tips, before making a topic use the search button, which can be found by clicking on 'Find' when you're looking through the list of topics.

    You also should read this.It tells you that topics such as this are not allowed. You might also want to read the All Known Facts Thread and the Rules page.

    Have fun on the forums and oblige the rules please.
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    i reserved Twilight princess 2 years before the game came out
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    They can sell pre-orders as soon as the game stores are sure the game is gonna come out.
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    No but see i understand that you can pre-order it online months or even yrs before it comes out but they dont start selling the physical pre-order boxes til atleast a month before
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    There is already pre-orders in a shop near me.

    I think im pretty shure.

    Its good cause that means the game is comming out soon.
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    .....yes physical pre-orders go look....
    go look where?
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    At a FRICKIN store!!!
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    lol I misunderstood what he wrote... nevermind
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