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    Hey everyone,
    Now I don't know about any of you guys, but I have played a lot of very good games. Every one of those has missed details that could have made the game extraordinary, and I wanted my opinion to be heard. Unfortunately, there isn't a big Ubisoft suggestion box that I'm aware of. So I'm starting this thread with the hopes that someone that has something to do with game development looks at what we have to say here and says, "Hey, these guys have some good ideas."

    Here it is, folks. The Ubisoft suggestion box.

    My Suggestions:
    1. I work in law enforcement and I love Rainbow Six, but I wish you could select your ammo type. I want more control over my weapons. Choose between full metal jacket for more penetration, soft points for a balance of penetration and damage, hollow points for less penetration and more destructive power, maybe frangible rounds for absolutely no penetration and lots of damage, and maybe even armor piercing rounds.

    2. Why can't you outfit your gun with more than one attachment? Maybe as you rank up you can put more attachments on your gun.

    3. Tactical flashlights! I want maps where you NEED a tac light on your gun. I want tac lights that strobe to disorientate or stay on steady if you want them to. I want maps that are dark enought to NEED a tac light.

    As a developer reads this he may be thinking, "Where in the heck am I going to find the space on this DVD for all this extra crap?" My answer to that would be: I would be more than willing to sacrifice a map or two for the extra control. Besides, you can always add content later through the marketplace.

    There you go. Let me hear yours.
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    Now I know that every one has their own control set but I play this at a friends and its annoying to switch settings everytime. So i sugesst a Controler Layout customary setting in the controls menu for user friendly control settings.
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    Thermite and Hibana

    Personally, it would be cool if either Hibana or Thermite's gadgets can break through the metal bars in between the floor of Floor 2 and the ceiling of Floor 1 so we could make improvised hatches and surprise the enemy team from an unexpected angle.
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    Cross Platform

    I believe that it would Greta fun to incorporate cross platform play into the game so that PLayStation and Xbox players can play with each other and invite each other to squads
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    Custom Maps

    This might take a while to create (smoothly, albeit), but adding a system that allows players to create their own maps, edit existing ones (layout and pre nerf versions) post it on workshops, let other people try it out. It would be cool if there's even a portion where maps that meet whatever guidelines you have for maps make it on a LTM for a few days, like a featured creation. Of course, people would have to pay so much attention to detail in each map. This would add a bunch to the game and players could interact with it like never before.
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