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    NOKK weapon upgrade NEEDED !!!

    NOKK needs new weapon...

    All attackers have LMG's ,snipers , DMR's , assault rifles or decent SMG's and she has poor weapons in comparrison.

    Give her the UMP45 (CASTLE / PULSE) .......its not overpowered and it's better than the FMG-9 she currently has with terrible recoil.

    When your coming up against defenders with strong weapons some high damage and little recoil being armed with her load out just isn't enough.

    her ability and style is really cool, it's just a shame that her attacking gun options make her almost unplayable

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    To address the speed rushing meta and the (1 speed) elephant in the room:

    All operators are 1 speed by default. You have the option to not bring your primary or your utility making you 2 speed. If you bring neither, you become 3 speed. Makes sense as gear is tied to weight. This would not apply to certain operators ie. Shield or abilities tied to weapons (maybe 2 speed, max)
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    Add exceptions to random picks

    I really want a system where on the "Operators" section of main menu, you can choose players you don't want to be randomly selected, I hate getting sniper and shield ops every time I leave it to fate, it would be something simple like a little button down the bottom right of operator screen saying "Exclude from Random" or something.
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    buff the mp5 please
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    Menu music

    I would love the choice to choose menu music from different seasons because I love the operation chimera and even the default rainbow six one for example. It would create nice nostalgia and i would just love for it to be implemented into the game
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    When I play unranked i get a lot more experienced than me so u should make it to search a match with someones skill level I'm level 53 and one game i got a guy that is lvl 256 u know what i mean . It would be more fun to play with ur experience level .
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    New op idea

    With the recent problems with echo, I thought of an operator who throws flash grenades but affects only cams for a certain duration which can help when pushing in an area with valk, maestro, or echo cams and can counter echo by denying his Sonic Booms. (Just increases chances of the team getting a plant down).
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    Console more options/Issues

    I think Console should be able to lean without aiming as people on PC can and their should not be a difference with game mechanics. If it is possible can you put in a Field Of View slider the game some times just looks to zoomed in and it makes it difficult to move effectively. It feels like nitro cells don’t go as far on console as they do on PC making them feel clunky to use so, if you can can you check that out. And, final issue can you please do something about spawn peeking it is becoming a serious issue every game I go into I get spawn peeked. Even though I commit the new spawn peek to memory I get spawn peeked from another angle and or it’s more then one person. Sorry for the paragraph but if you can fix this for Console and spawn peeking for everyone I think the game could be a lot more enjoyable. Also, thank you Ubisoft your doing great respect the media team they get backlash for every post and that sucks. The support teams doing great and I hope you consider my opinion.
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    New Ops

    Hey people from Ubisoft,
    My suggestions for new operators are one that can shut down a drone hole as Defender

    Hope to see it ;D


    Corné Meems
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    Personally, I think it would be a good idea to give incentives for levelling, as after level 50 the motivation has vanished. Perhaps you could add a reward scheme, like packs every level, and a guaranteed rarity type of pack after every 5 levels, or something along those lines. This would be a great addition as the levelling at the moment is just a display of how long you have been playing the game.
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