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    Matchmaking sucks

    I was gold 3, some hours ago. Now Im bronze 1. The real deal is: its easier to play against real gold players than bronzes!!! How it is supposed to be ranked matches? Oh, and i always plays with the real bronzes when I do solo queue. Matchmaking sucks, ranked matches sucks. Were paying for having fun.
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    Video Settings

    It'd be cool if they fixed the fps lock when going to windowed or borderless mode. Not really sure why it would be locked at 60 fps for those honestly just seems a bit dumb.
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    i dont think that the dead body dissapear and turn into icon is a good idea.

    i make it fee more arcade but i think the core of the game is realistic tactical style.
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    Maestro Cam Adjustment

    I hope they will remove the part that maestro getting kicked out from using his phone when his evil eye get destroyed while using it.
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    Iana R6S buff

    If you shoot the Iana replicator you get pinged once, now it's just a more obvious drone.
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    Hey guys!

    I can see that there's some confusion regarding the forum sections.

    For any suggestions regarding Rainbow Six Siege title, please click here to access our Feedback/Suggestion section.

    This particular thread is for Rainbow Six Legacy titles, therefore just letting you know to avoid confusion in the future .
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    Official and Custom Trainings

    Like title says it would be cool to have training modes for aiming, flicking, sound, recoil, strafing, and some other cool things people can come up with. Rocket league has this implemented and it helped me tremendously to become a better player.
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    Spawn Killing

    Yes I know that the game has had Spawn peeking / killing in for a LONG LONG time... But it is starting to make me and some of my friends dislike 90% of the maps due to it ruining the round and even sometimes the next round... I am not saying remove it all together but if this can be fixed to where it wasn't so easy that would be amazing.
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