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    What I would like to see incorporated into
    hyperlobby is a log of how many hours individuals fly online.That way poor sods like myself who only fly 3 or 4 hours a month could pick servers with opponents closer to our own level,at least in terms of raw seat time.

    I have a relatively strong ego, which allows me
    To be shot down continually with out feeling
    Overly inadequate, none the less dieing or
    Living on a level playing field is much more

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    LOL now theres and idea not sure your gona get your wish though mate but I feel your pain
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    Double edged sword, though: You'd have the people who fly 20 hours a day looking for the noobs if they didn't get their 10,000 points
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    Check out Warbirds of Prey's stats page. In the top right corner it will show you who is on-line at that time. You can click on each pilot's screen name and his individual stats come up, such as hours flown, sorties flown, kills, gunnery percentage, etc.

    Under the header, on the upper left side, click on "Pilots". This will open a list of all pilots who have flown on the server. You can also search for pilots if you know their screen name.
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