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    I need some veteran experience here.

    Rate your favorite planes by catagory.

    1. Durability
    2. Firepower
    3. Speed
    4. Dive
    5. Roll
    6. climb
    7. Acceleration
    8. Turn

    There are so many types of planes...each with there strenghts and weakness's. (I've been totaly blown away with this game so far)...I'm surprised at the differences between planes and the fact that fighting a superior plane in it's element useully means a quick death...
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    I'll start off first.

    A6 (zero)

    1. Durrability: Horendous...one round of anyting and you are toast!!

    2. Firepower: Decent, but the canon rounds run out to quickly

    3. Speed: Definatly a weakness. You will probably not be able to outrun or catch anything.

    4. Dive: Another weakness, due to the zeros lack of handling at high speed

    5. Roll: Fantastic, this really is a fun plane to fly

    6. Climb: Pretty good

    7. Acceleration: Good

    8. Turn: Fantastic!!! At slow speeds, nothing out turns you...except them pesky bi-planes.
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    fw 190

    1. Durability: Pretty damn good...

    2. Firepower: Very nice...

    3. Speed: Fantastic! You can useully outrun/catch any prop plane

    4. Dive: Fantastic! handles well even at 700+kmh

    5. Roll: UNBELIEVABLE...

    6. Cimb: Ok...

    7. Acceleration: Ok

    8. Turn: Average, not the planes str. but it turns well enough to get guns on moderatley evading targets.
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    1. Durability: Moderate/low

    2. Firepower: FANTASTIC! Tons of Ammo, great armament..and can out range virtually any other fighter in the game.

    3. Speed: Ok. Not as good as I was hopeing for considering the two engines make you a prime target.

    4. Dive: Poor...the plane loses much control at high speeds. Which is a real weakness for this plane

    5. Roll: Moderate/poor You won't lose anyone by rolling, but you can stay on target well enough in this aspect

    6. Cimb: Very nice....

    7. Acceleration: Good

    8. Turn: Don't try to turn in a dogfight. Unstable and saps of energy very quickly.
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    Durability: Um.....hope you don't hit any birds in flight

    Firepower: Negligible

    Speed: Actually not that bad for early war stuff. It might take awhile, but it can get going at a good clip

    Dive: Not outstanding, but not that bad either

    Roll: Only thing I've found better is the biplanes and the I-16 (toss up there)

    Climb: Pretty good

    Acceleration: Not the best

    Turn: Only thing that'll out turn it is a biplane.

    The best tactic I've found for the -43 is to stay low, and just creep up on someone already engaged in a flight. Because it isn't very high power, you can easily control your distance from the enemy, and then the twin MGs in the nose are actually really nice for PKs or destroying cables/holing wings.
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    1) Durability: I like being PKed instantly by .303's. Other than that durability is fine with me.

    2) My gunners shot up a P-38 as I flew over an airfield once. So I'd say firepower is good enough.

    3) Who needs speed when you've got defensive gunners?

    4) Dive Brakes. 'Nuff Said

    5) Fast enough for me

    6) ME-163 has nothing on me...

    7) Heavy. Point nose straight down. Accelerates quickly towards target..

    8) I can turn well enough to expose all of my plane to an attacking fighter. This makes his job of raking every square inch of my plane with bullets easy enough.
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    1. Durability: Good but not best
    2. Firepower: Good but not best
    3. Speed: Good but not best
    4. Dive: Good but not best
    5. Roll: Good but not best
    6. climb: Good but not best
    7. Acceleration: Good but not best
    8. Turn: Good but not best
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    What plane climbs better than the spit?

    Those things seem to climb like no other....am I wrong?
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    -47s, -51s, -38s, -335s, and some others climb like there is no tomorrow.
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    This could be a very long thread... However there are utilities available at M4T that already do a lot of the legwork in this thread.
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