This puzzle is where most players stop playing the game, at least it was for me and my friends growing up.

It's by far the most poorly designed puzzle in what is an otherwise perfect game for multiple reasons:

1) There are at least 3 cave drawings of fish, albeit the wrong ones look *slightly* less traditionally like a fish - so there is no clear 'fish' piece when you go to solve the puzzle, making it much more difficult for the player to think they've solved it when they think about fish not making any sound

2) There are numerous other cave drawings of things that may not make sound either, such as multiple insects, a hummingbird, and a few land mammals that don't resemble anything on Earth

3) The drawing of the frog looks absolutely NOTHING like a frog, meanwhile there is another incorrect drawing that looks exactly like a frog <--- this one alone makes the puzzle 'unsolvable' imho

Riven is still one of the most amazing things ever created, and deserves at least one long thoughtful play without help if possible. For me regrettably that was never possible, I would have never gleaned that image as a frog in a million years so I was doomed never to get past that part of the game.

Ironically the puzzles themselves are the weak point of Riven, but the way they all interact and cross reference each other is beyond genius.