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    Do you think there will will be some sort of magic... should there be some sort of magic in the game.

    Do you like the playing in the future part of the game that was mensioned i dont remember where...
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    nope its based on actual events so dont count on magic spells , or anything similar its an assasin's game its kinda comparable with hitman only than ala crusade period. just weapons and hands
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    magic would be such a (i dunno the english word ) thing that would totally ruin it. Maybe then i wont buy the game. Then its nothing special anymore. Throw in 12 extra swords, 20 new hands, some skills, some other playable character and theres just another RPG.

    Maybe a bit overreacted
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    that what i thought..i was hoping people would think the same way...keep posting
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    no, as much as i like magic( and i love magic) it would just totally ruin the game. thats why i didnmt like the thief games all that much, cus they were too fantastical for an assasin game(still awesome though)
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    I hope theres no Magic...unless its Altair pulling a rabbit out of his hat to distract the gaurds
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    i like that
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    I hope where will be no magic in the game
    10% of the game playing in the future is enough "magic"
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    yep thats right and pretty cool that they do that

    keep posting
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    Magic would kinda ruin a game like this. Based on real events and stuff. Magic just wouldn't fit in.
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