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    This certainly was interesting.

    comparison of FW190 A
    with corsair and hellcat



    If you read the end of the report, it is stated that the Corsair:

    1. Was run accidently on "auto lean" instead of "auto rich" during WEP testing.

    2. The Corsair had the wrong prop installed.

    3. Greater values in speed and climb would have resulted for the Corsair during testing.

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    The Corsair had the wrong prop installed.

    It did not have an newer production propeller installed. Having "the wrong propeller" installed is a death sentence in aircraft.
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    S! Everyone

    This site has some very resourceful info about Bf/Me109


    From what I read there, I arranged some of its data:

    Bf109 is designed to have the biggest engine to fit in the smallest air frame.

    DB605A: close redesigned DB601A, increased RPM to boost hp, 4 valves: 2 intake + 2 exhuast, supercharger effective up to 18,000ft (Take off power 1.42ata 1475hp 2800rpm sea level, Max power 1.42ata 1355hp 2800rpm 18,700ft, Climbing 1.3ata 1310hp 2600rpm sea level -> 1.3ata 1250 2600rpm 19,000ft, Maximum cruising 1.15ata 1075hp 2300rpm sea level - 1.15ata 1080hp 2300rpm 18,000ft) fuel consumption 0.473 lb/hp*hr maximum cruising sea level

    DB605AS: enlarged with DB603's supercharger effective up to 26,200ft (Taket off power 1.42ata 1435hp 2800rpm at sea level. Max power 1.42ata 1200hp 2800rpm at 26,200ft. Climbing 1.3ata 1275hp 2600rpm from sea level -> 1.3ata 1150hp 2600rpm to 25,600ft. Maximun crusing power 1.25ata 1075hp 2400rpm at sea level - 1.15ata 1050hp 2400rpm at 25,200ft)

    DB605ASM: larger oil cooler, added MW50/50 device with C3 fuel maximun rated 1.7ata 1800hp, can use B4 fuel while MW50 is a must to achieve max hp

    DB605ASB: sub varity of DB605ASM with selective fuel B4, maximun rated 1.8ata 1850hp

    DB605ASC: sub varity of DB605ASM with selective fuel C3, maximun rated 1.98ata 2000hp

    DB605D: larger oil tank, redesigned valve train, 1 intake + 2 exhaust valves total 3 valve design, max 1.7ata supercharger effective up to 6.8km

    DB605DB: max 1.8ata 1850hp with MW50/50 B4 fuel (Take off power 1.8ata 1800hp 2800rpm sea level, Max power 1.98ata 1530hp 2800rpm 19,600ft, Climbing 1.3ata 1275hp 2600rpm sea level -> 1.3ata 1150hp 2600rpm 25,600ft, Maximum cruising 1.15ata 1075hp 2400rpm sea level - 1.15ata 1050hp 2400rpm 25,200ft)

    DB605DC: max 1.98ata 2000hp(?) with MW50/50 C3 fuel, without MW50 max hp is at 1.45ata (Take off power 1.98ata 1800hp 2800rpm sea level, Max power 1.98ata 1800hp 2800rpm 16,700ft)
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    Originally Posted by WTE_Galway Go to original post
    For mission builders.

    Full list of BoB squadrons, what the squadrons identification code was and where they were based.


    Also general RAF squadron codes ...

    Many thanks for this post.
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