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    Also ... a USN report on gun boresight calibration for navy fighters circa 1943

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    More free manuals (called 'checklists' here):


    Manuals for purchase, some for download and others printed:


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    Free reference books - Profile (pictures are linked att he bottom of pages):

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    Originally posted by larschance:
    Does anyone know where I can find comparative performance charts on Italian WW2 aircraft. I have often wondered what the actual differences are between the C205 G55 and Re2005 for example.
    A German report in the subject:
    Bericht über Jagdflugzeug-Vergleichsfliegen bei der ital. E-Stelle G u i d o n i a .

    In der Zeit vom 18.2.1943 bis 21.2.1943 wurde in Guidonia ein Vergleichsfliegen deutscher und italienischer Flugzeuge durchgeführt. Von Jagdflugzeugen waren zum Vergleich mit Bf 109 G 4 und Fw 190 A 5 folgende Flugzeuge vorhanden : Macchi 205 V, Macchi 205 N, Reggiane 2005 und Fiat G 55.


    Also the site address has changed to www.kurfurst.org.
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    Shows the multiple convergence settings of the 8 .50 cals on a P-47.

    A good reference for setting gun convergence.
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    reveals flight tests pushing the Tbolt past .87M
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    This certainly was interesting.

    comparison of FW190 A
    with corsair and hellcat

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    Can someone check tailwheel.nl out. Google shows it as being unsafe and Kaspersky has it blocked as unsafe in last 30 days. Feel free to delete this after you check it out. Thanks
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