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    its cool you guys have patched, and successfully got rid of bugs. but I didn't look at the trophies before playing and I didn't get "flyswatter" now I'm playing through the game "again" to get it, which isn't a huge problem, but i would really rather be focusing on beating the game %100 on the other game, so if you could make it where you could replay that mission along with the Leonardo carriage mission from your villa "the armory has models of these two things"

    Just a suggestion, tell me what you think
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    I know. I managed to get the achievement but I really wanted to play both missions again.

    There's already an Official Petition here on the forums asking Ubisoft to make a patch to replay main missions. Help us sign it!
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    I've already posted this on the Hints and Tips board, but I'll repost here due to relevance. This video/article shows a workaround on the XBox 360 to let you replay story missions. It was originally intended for AC1, but applies very well to AC2 due to the lack of a built-in story replay feature.

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    thanks Hewie, signed and hope that it works
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