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    Let me set the scene:

    You've just murdered 10 guards with no mercy in your quest to retrieve the apple, you're nearly there and not many boundries are left. You almost walk into 5 guards guarding a pathway, where you had to go. Each wall was smooth so the only option came upon you. To fight your way through.

    How would you start this, and will you even start it? Maybe you will just use your recruits. Lets know!
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    Let X = Guard
    Let O = Ezio



    Alright, so I'd take out one of the two inner guards with either a crossbow bolt, a series of knives, or a bullet. Then I'd let them react to this and approach me with their weapons. Assuming that one of them is a seeker, I'd maneuver as close to him as possibe while unarmed, and wait for him attack so I could disarm him and kill him with his own weapon.

    New scene:

    Once there are only the two left, I throw the spear at one of them and take the last one one mano-a-mano. I'd probably equip the hidden blade, wait for him to attack and then finally end his life with a counter.
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    Honestly with stuff like this I like to start it off with a poison dart, often on the strongest guard, to cause a commotion and take out at least one guard off the bat. Then iuf possible I would hit the roofs and pick off the rest of the soldiers when they split up looking for the killer(or walk right in where I needed to go)
    got em.
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    1.Run towards them.

    2.smoke bomb them.

    3.hidden blade each one before the smoke goes away.
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    i would go rampaging on them like a barbarian!.

    no, such actions will lead to breaking one of the creed, i would let my assassin's handle it.
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    I would beat them up, no weapons just fists, seriously.
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    I just usually go kill them silently with the hidden blade. Go old school and then if they decide to run away, use my crossbow or gun to finish them off.
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    If I just want to start a fun kill-fest with some guards, I tackle one. I prefer not to start by killing one as that's one less opportunity for an awesome execution or counter animation.

    I try the varied approach for serious fights, but a favourite of mine is to throw a spear into one guard, then switch to the sword or the hidden blades for the fight.

    In AC2, I worked out a 4-second method for robbing banks (with 4 guards outside). Equip throwing knives and stand well away, just in lock-on range. Throw one at a 'rookie' guard that will die in one hit -- that's now only three left. Lock on to the remainder as they rush towards you for combat, and use the flying knives to instantly execute them. Ta-da! Of course, the flying knives work better in ACB because you can use them out of combat.
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    1. Walk up to them calmly and without fear.
    2. Arrow storm
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    Guard saw you and he's gonna shoot you! Don't mind him, just keep looking AWESOME! That shadow will take care of him for you. WHITE! Guard says stop just kill him with you AWESOME! The other got hit by an arrow sou you're good. PART THE RED SEA! Hopefully these guards have good armor. No they don't, maybe they do; THEY DON'T! Now act like you didn't do it; they're not buyin' it. Target comes out from his shelter; he's distracted by a feather; he's like SHOOT ME; he likes feathers; he looks up when he remembers: OOH! I LOVE BIRDS! Nod at the bird and people die; everywhere people die; except the target: HE'S FINE! Target sends horsemen to die. KILL THE HORSE; THE RIDER FALLS DOWN! KILL THE RIDER THE RIDER FALLS DOWN! Target's still fine. Target nods and some other guards that were hiding in pillars come out and then take their formation then target pulls out his sword then goes to smell it (not sure why). Mysterious hooded man JOINED BY. OTHER. HOODED. PEOPLE! You're next. Running. RUUUUNNING! SLOW MOTION JUMP ATTACK!
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