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    Perhaps this is due to the fact that I am running this game on a PCI card, but the water when in external camera mode just seems to shake to the left and right. The movement does not look like real water at all. However, when I go to the bridge, the water looks perfect. Anybody got any ideas as to why?
    My computer is four years old and does not have a AGP or PCI-e card slot on it which is why I'm running this on a PCI card. Other specs on the puter are 2.53Ghz Pentium 4 proc, 1GB RAM. I'm playing this game on roughly medium graphic settings. Perhaps I don't have something selected that I should. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    Are you running any specific mods?
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    I am right now. I thought I would see if the ROW mod worked on my system. However, I've had this problem ever since I started playing this game.
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    I tend to get a similar effect using the ext camera when I'm moving the perspective, but when the camera stops everything returns to normal. This is likely the game rendering the waves etc for each viewpoint or frame. The effect is more pronounced during significant weather.

    At a guess I agree, it may be the graphics card. You're using the latest drivers for it?
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    Check and make sure your game resolution and refresh rate are the same as your monitor's.
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