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    Hi all.

    A few questions & observations about Lerwick sub base.....

    Question... How much renown do I get for an S-Class Submarine, and is there a recognition manual with it's data in ~ ie draft, tonnage, weak-spots etc.

    Observation.... of the 12 V&Ws guarding Lerwick, I sunk 3 and the rest ran aground on the shore and sank themselves.... Whoever rwote this mod should probably look into that cos I found it kinda easy to get in and cause havock (on the surface) as a direct result...

    Just thought you should know. I have images and will dig em out and post later.
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    If you save your game within 35-50km of scripted harbor traffic in SH3... the ships will lose their scripted waypoints and run aground or into other objects.

    It is a stock SH3 bug / not caused by GWX.

    There are no recognition manual pages for AI subs or aircraft in SH3.

    Kpt. Lehmann
    GWX Project Manager
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    In your baffles; .....and opening my outer doors.
    .....and the rest ran aground on the shore and sank themselves....
    I've seen the same thing happen in Scapa Flow.

    It seems that when you add lots of Land, Shallow water, and a U-Boat threat together, the "DD Attack AI" simply "screws the pooch" and forgets all about the Land and Shallow Water.

    Fun, ....but not very realistic. (Socko loves it! )

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    Oh ok J5_Lehmann. That probably explains it. I saved about 20 miles away, then later on in the harbour itself. The strange thing was two of the destroyers kept on with their route - till I sank them that is!

    How much Renown do I get for an S-Class sub BTW? Even better, is there a complete Renown list for GWX?

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    You wont get much for the S-class,
    Wait for GWX 1.4 if you're lucky the lousey little S-class with be replaced by something much better.
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