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    So lets say I am going to assassinate my target in a dark alley and he sees me, will he simply run away or will he draw His sword and fight me? So then I can fight him and kill him with my long sword? Is it possible to kill targets with something besides the Hidden Blade?

    Also what happened to the crossbow?
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    This has been discussed before in another thread.

    Each target varies. Some will stay and fight, others will run. Given that some stay and fight, I doubt you have to kill them with the hidden blade (just a guess, don't quote me). And they took the crossbow out a while ago.
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    I'm glad they took the crossbow out. The throwing knives are more assassin like. Totally silent...and never used in mid evil games. And they would also take to long to reload. Altair would have to put the front onto the ground, step on the bar, with both hands pull back the bolt, load, shoot and...start from step one. Throwing knife...quick, silent, takes assassin skills
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    yea i agree, but the way the showed it being used in the first E3 trailer that they made was so cool!
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