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    Hello everyone. I finally decided to spend some money (not much) and upgrade to a new joystick because the old one was done. I bought the Aviator and I like it, but now I seem to fall out of the air constantly when I turn into someone. Am I missing something with this stick or is it just that touchy? I enter the turns with plenty of speed and I still stall. I actually scored more kills online with my old and worn out stick. Oh, and if anyone can tell me how to program the toggle switches under the B mode that would be great. There are eight options just sitting there doing nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I own one Aviator and I have no problems using it.
    To configure all the options on it I use the joy2key sofware: http://www.electracode.com/4/joy2key...%20Version.htm

    I hope it will be useful for you...

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    It sounds like you need to adjust your input curve. As for programming the buttons have you installed the SST programing software? That should allow you to do all sorts of things with your buttons, if you need help then click on the help, there should be an instruction manual.
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    Many pilots have the same problem of spinning out and stalling on a turn. I did as well for a long time. You can adjust the joystick sensitivities in the game, but the in-game tools/interface sucks at best.

    Someone turned me on to a program called IL2 Joy Control. You should definitely download this and use it. It will let you customize all axis, sliders, and rotary wheels on your joystick specifically for IL2. The game won't do this!

    The game stores it's joystick axis sensativity settings in a file called conf.ini in the root of the game. When this program is run, it reads the current settings in that file and displays them. You can then adjust them and save them back into the conf.ini file by clicking the button in the bottom/left corner of the program window.

    If you need more help figuring this great little program out, let me know.

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