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    Hi all,

    Has anyone heard if the single player dynamic campaign has been improved over IL2 AEP? I have not seen anything about it.

    I know that there are new campaigns for Japan, US, and UK. I am wondering if the engine will basically be the same as IL2 or has it been updated?

    I guess I will find out in a few weeks
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    They're quite different. If you've played the unofficial Battle over Europe add-on, that's what the campaigns are closer to, not the FB / AEP ones.

    Then of course on top of that the mission types and targets are very different, there's the addition of carriers, etc. There are also some changes to the interface, additional info on your squadron and past missions, improvements to ambiance like mission-specific background sounds during briefings, and so on.
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    That's great news Luthier! I have BoE from Just Flight and it is absolutley fantastic as a dynamic campaign generator! And I do believe that you had more than a little to do with that
    I even wrote Just Flight that it would be great if they could create the same thing for PF and get it out in the beginning instead of 3 years in like FB.If the stock campaign generator in PF is anything like Just Flights Battle over Europe program ,then folks are gonna love it.
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    Whats so great and/or different about BoE's campaign generator over FB's? I mean I use DCG, but I am just wondering what it is that makes BoE so nice sounding. I haven't purchased BoE yet, and maybe, if the changes sound interesting enough, I will pick it up.
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    Missions are interconnected, with results of mission A directly definining subsequent mission B. Say if mission A is intercepting a recon plane over your carrier, and you don't intercept it, mission B may be a scramble against a huge enemy bomber force on your carrier. If you shoot it down, then you get something else. And if you are patient to actually follow the recon back to its base / carrier, then your next mission may be leading an attack force to blow it out of the water.

    Briefings and debriefings are much more polished and detailed than in FB. There are lots and lots of mission types to choose from. I don't use DCG so I don't know how they compare, but PF and BoE DGen gameplay is in my opinion very close to hand-built campaigns, in that the campaigns actually make sense and don't just seem like random cookie cutter missions.

    That is, not to mention the multiplayer campaigns. No other flight sim has anything like it. You and your persistent squadron can fly dynamically generated missions against a persisten enemy squadron, with AI planes mixed in, and can control as few or as many aspects of the generated missions, up to actually moving your task force.

    With 128 planes online and free servers I think we completely blow pay-per-play sims out of the water. With PF+FB+AEP you get more planes and loadouts, better graphics, better FM and DM, much more historically accurate models, and dynamic mission based gameplay in campaign form.
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    Ilya - if you grant me my sceptism, but I will not believe in 128player servers until I can see them. Or better - until other folks with 56k Modems report lagfree playing.
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    Luthier will these new dynamic campaign features work retroactively with AEP if you go the " install PF over AEP " route ? It would be nice to see Mission A influencing Mission B and so on, applied to the Eastern Front missions of FB/AEP.
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    Wow! That type of campaign generation sounds very intriguing...I guess I should pick up a copy of BoE then while I am at it. Thanks luthier.
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    The dynamic online generator is strategic as well as tactical.We were flying the historical Ardennes campaign and blowing planes out of the sky.Problem was,everytime we started the next mission(we were in the Invincible warrior mode)we noticed the battle front marker lines keep coming towards us.We didn't destroy our ground targets,so supply convoys aand trains resupplied those areas with more war goods,subsequently,we were winning the battles but losing the war.After destroying our assigned ground targets our point total went WAY up.And the battle field line started to move back the other way.Besides point totals, your next mission brief shows each players' A2A kills and sorties flown.These stats are stored so everyweek when we fly it again,everyones info is still there.Great set up.I believe Luthier had a large part in designing this program and its fantastic! I'm glad PF will have something similar.Brings a whole new meaning to online campaigns
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    luthier1 thanks for the information. I just had a hard time finding it on the PF website. If the dynamic campaign it is as nice as you state, PF will be a great buy just for that.

    I can't wait till this hits the shelfs.

    Happy flying.
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