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    One of my squad members has a "Logitech wireless 2.4Ghz joystick" and no matter what he does it seems to be too senstive along most axis.

    I heard from some that if you have a CH stick you get some type of CH software for it so you can change the senstivity etc etc along the all the stick axis. And apperently that software will override any settings u have in the game according to some sources.
    Now does anyone know of a software for the Logitech stick? My squadmate cant find any on his computer, but maybe its possible that it is there but he cant find it, and it overrides his Il2 stick settings???
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    is a link to logitech's clear calibration utility which might help- note the warning about other devices calibration tho
    there is also a link to the gaming software your mate should have.neither control sensitivity per se but the clear calibration utility can help with control response if things have 'drifted'

    does your mate have any other devices attached (eg steering wheel, rudder pedals) fitted?- these often take over id1 and thus the ingame sensitivities will have no effect on joystick sensitivity.

    some sticks (ch , cougar) have sensitivity control in their software, but this doesn't overide ingame settings- it acts before the ingame settings and is thus cummulative.

    if he has more than 1 device attached a utility like
    may be of use for setting sensitivities(the profiles can be useful )
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    Bolox thx alot for ur help! Will check with him!!
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