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    First, greetings from Croatia.
    When I opened COJ2 and editor couple days ago for the first time, I was astonished. I toyed with many different engines but this one is the best. Magnificent visuals, friendly editor... unbelievable.
    After that I went to the store to buy COJ1 and Xpand Extreme just to see for what ChromEd is capable. Again, unbelievable.
    My main interest are movies, animation, Machinima.
    (Here is one I got most awards on festivals, if you want to see: http://vimeo.com/788006 )

    And my question: Is it possible that such beautiful game doesn't have free (fly) camera option or mod? It would make wonders for screenshots and Machinima.
    I am aware that in editor you can make cinematics, but if I want to fly in original, is there a way?

    And, if I want to take animated movies to the upper level (broadcasting, etc.), is there any method to obtain rights for engine without extreme amount of money?
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    your animations are just awesome, thank you for showing.
    The only thing i can tell you about free ingame camera is that you can use the developer tool for it.
    I know that you can set the camera speed in the editor but i don't know if there's an option in the dev's tool menu.
    Look here how to use the tool: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/foru...1002687/m/1201054578
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    Thanks for nice words about movies. It means a lot.
    About camera stuff, it looks that this is exactly what I need. I can't check right now, but if this works, man, you are my friend till the end of our digital lives.
    Will post impressions for couple of hours, thanks again.
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    Also in dev mode you can push some buttons which will increase or decrease speed of camera (you can do it like shooting a movie)
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    Guys, it is all I was hoping for. And more.
    I am in love.
    I just must figure out how to gather full control of camera speed (not just slow, normal and fast) and I am on horse.
    And I must say, one of nicest community I saw.
    (Gazitron, some of your posts - I spent all night reading forums - are quite helpful. Thank you.)
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    Thank you very much =)
    Anyway Cr1m3 is more helper then me - he has more time to create some tutorials and more =) Very often he can help more then ever in this site =)
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    I don't know - is Garry's mod for HL2 is less helpful to create a videos which you want? I just thought GMOD is more helpful to create a videos then ChromED, ChromED is good for creating levels for CoJ - like quick levels, I agree it is very very friendly and you don't need to create all objects by yourself cause it is a lot of prefabs here. =)
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    By the way - would you like to create some mods for CoJ or you just want to experiment with movies?
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    Yes, Garry mod is quite helpful for making movies, I made couple years ago, but I must say that Source engine have a nasty habit to **** people off with constant not compatible upgrades, every now and then GarryMod or main tool Hammer stops to work becouse these upgrades, etc...
    After so many years half of tools for importing models does not work anymore, all known models and characters are so overused - and I could go like this for hours...
    Beside, ChromEd is much more friendly (for now), it have ...something, it feels good (difficult to explain, I think you understand me).
    For example, I figured out for ten minutes how to open original maps in ChromEd to learn basic mechanics (I know, I will not tell a secret, it seems that this is big No No), I can make basic scene for couple of hours and it looks better then weeks of hard work in Source.
    About mods, ah, I wish, but I don't feel smart enough, and with limited amount of free time, I will be happy if I learn cinema part. And my ideas for movies demand heavy customization of models, skins, textures, so I don't think this will be playable by others. Of course, if I learn how to make models and decent environments I will share so somebody will maybe make something useful out of that.

    Tell me, I couldn't find anything on the forums, did somebody manage to make custom character or at least anims for ChromEd?
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    Nope, here are only some people who only could to export some models (simple meshes) but nobody could to create something serious.
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