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    I'm much more of a world war two fan than a Star Wars fan, although I do enjoy those movies very much.

    Anyways, I was just curious if you guys noticed the many subtlities between the two. Heres what I got feel free to add-on your own observations as well. (not that you wouldn't anyway)

    1. The Empire carries themselves just like the Nazis. Many of the uniforms look very similar (especially the hats). They both carried themsevles with a similar arrogance of invulnerablity. George Lucas obviously carefully avoids the notion of prejudice and bigotry between races in the movies however the Empire is still pretty evil.

    2. I'm not fresh on my Star wars trivia, but the battle in Episode 4 when Luke Skywalker destroys the Death Star with the impossible shot into the heat vent very much resembles the Battle of Britain. The rebels being greatly outnumbered and having little hope against an enemy with greater technology and far superior numbers. The Death Star pretty much brushes off the X-wing fighters (similar to the way the LW underestimated the RAF's ability to defend the skies over Southern England) going straight around the planet to destroy the moon which houses the main rebel base. The Germans also played a game of outlast knowing that despite the heavy losses over England, the British would soon be worn out and vulnerable from constant bombardment. Also many of the rebel pilots in the battle have British accents!

    3. The concept of a superweapon that would save the day. The Axis put a lot of focus into jet, rocket, submarine, and even advanced gun technology believing it could turn the tide against the overwhelming numbers of the enemy. The Empire actually used this amazing technology against the rebels with weapons like the Death Star. As a side note, in when the Russians entered Berlin and the Reich was within days of collapse the German propaganda said that superweapons like "death rays" had been developed by Nazi technicians and that the fortunes of war would soon change.
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    Lol, you just noticed it?

    It's funny, I recently watched the BoB movie for the first time, and I could help but be reminded of Starwars battle scenes. The terminology used by the pilots is the same (red leader, etc), and whole lines of dialouge are identical ("stay on target").

    They just replaced the names of Spitfires and 109's with X-wings and Tie Fighters.

    If you think about it, all futuristic war stories are ripped off WWII, and starship combat is just a copy of carrier warfare. For example, Wing Commander and Battlestar Galactica.
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    Actually, the Empire is very racist when it comes to non-humans. Notice that all Imperials are human, while the Alliance is made up of many different species, although humans do take a prominant role.


    Episode V
    Ship commander is disguted that the alien bounty hunters are on his bridge.

    Episode IV
    The chief guard sneering and asking "What is that thing doing here?" when Han and Luke bring the "prisoner" Chewbacca to cell block 1138, where Princess Leia is being held.
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    That part is brought out more in later books.
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    I'm sorry guys, but again propaganda has been effecting you.

    This is a bit old but still...
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    nice one
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    It's a gothic novel gone mad.

    Farm boy, aided by an ever growing and motley crew of brigands and ne'er do wells, rescues the princess from the castle and the clutches of the black night after his farm is destroyed by bad guy's troops. In doing so he discovers he himself is a high born and takes up begins his crusade to free the land from evil etc., blah, blah, blah.
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    So who's going to see the new Starwars film tonight then?

    We're waiting until next week for various reasons so I'm going to have a hard time avoiding spoilers for a few days!
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    Speak of BoB the movie and Star Wars, Lucas actually used a few scenes from BoB to design the dogfights in Star Wars, he had the SFX guys imitate exact scenes from BoB and Bridges of Toko Ri with the models to create space battles. That's why you were so reminded of one while watching the other. Same fights, different craft.
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    Lucas was also influenced/pinched a lot of the end of Dambusters. Even some of the dialogue is very similar. "Steady, steady, stay on target!"; "I count eight guns, two on the towers", etc.

    Spielberg had lots of nice things to say about Dambusters during a recent best war films countdown on UK TV. Was good to see.
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