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    Could anybody tell me how I would go about making a screen shot in Pacific Fighters?
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    Yes, hi there...if you don't already have Infanview, download here
    when you want to take a screen shot press "print scrn" on keyboard...
    to view, open Infanview, select open, scrol to your game folder, look for a file "grab 0001" or such...select open...if you want to post...save it as jpeg
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    you might have to press shift PrtScn.
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    You can map a button to it in the control setup of the game. It saves the screenshot files in the main IL2 directory.
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    There are several programs that are made just for the purpose of taking screenshots, the one i use is called screenshot utility 1.0. and you can set the key you want to use as the "camera button." It even makes a noise like a camera when it takes the screenshot.
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    Download FRAPS. It's free and does FPS monitoring, screen capture and will even record screen video (albeit only 30 seconds at a time with the free version).

    get it here: http://www.fraps.com

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    I'm having trouble w/ the 'print screen' key taking a screen shot. Someone referred to remapping this, but I can't find it in the control setup. Help?

    Nevermind, I found the config & made a change there, but it still doesn't take. Maybe computer problems...
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    Nevermind, I found the config & made a change there, but it still doesn't take. Maybe computer problems...
    This change in conf.ini changed my screen print to key Y:
    [HotKey game]

    - Note that semicolon in front of PrintScreen
    - Make sure the new key used is not assigned to any other control/function!

    When you press PrintScreen, does the image appear on the clipboard?
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    I have IrfanView. clk on Prt Scn (make sure F Lock is off), open IrfanView> edit> paste, & it will open the screen shot from the clipboard.
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    I might be missing something here... but I never maped anything when I got this game, I press the print screen button a few times and, open them in my quick folder, in the game files, then change them to jpg's in my photo shop, of course this is from my recordings!
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