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    I usually dont like to post on forums but I felt that I needed to share what my experience was like flying on the Warbirds of Prey Spits vs 109s server. All I can say is that I got my butt handed to me. I thought that I was Mr Joe pilot and I also thought negative of this server when it was first introduced a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to see why everyone is talking about this server. Either they loved it or hated it. I must admit that I didn't like the server because of some of the posts I see comming from guys I've had respect for and flew with. I was a sheep lead astray. I still respect these guys but I'm not going to just believe anything they say about Warbirds of Prey Spits vs 109s server. Its amazing how opinions are formed before you even give something an honest chance and without an open mind. I was a little dismayed because the server that I enjoyed flying on for so long was going though so many changes with its Icons and deathkick settings. I suspect that it was because of the numbers going down on the server and the admin attempting to raise the level of gamelplay. All I can say now is that I am a convert to the world of flying without Icons and flying on Spits vs 109s. There is definately a skill to flying under these conditions that I did not think that I needed to master because I thought that they were a little extreme. Boy was I wrong. This sort of flying is an artform and it stirred up emotions within myself that I never had before while flying this sim online. The settings of this server is all about immersion and it is on an emotional level. The reason why I liked server with reasonable icon settings was only because I could see the aircraft better. I lables told me what kind of aircraft I saw and if it was a friend or foe. The lables were doing all the work for me from 2 k away amd all I had to do was just decide if I was in the right position to mount an attack or should I run. I never worried about being bounced at all because the lables were helping me out. It's allot different when you have to get real close to a aircraft durring the merge in order to ID and then execute a violent manuever in an effort to get the advantage and reaquire the aircraft before he reaquires you. With Icons I new that the aircraft was in range to shoot as soon as I saw the foe Icons. Spits vs 109s took me to an immersion level that I never thought was possible and that I never experienced before. You never know when yoou will get attacked and it is truely a server were the first person to spot the enemy is usually the victor. Another thing that caught my attention was how smooth the server runs. I flew through a furbal that was about 3000 feet and there were probably 15 aircraft and my computer ran smooth as wet ice. I admit that I have a real decent rig but I never experienced a server that smooth and I visited all the major servers. Other guys were complaining about stutters here and there but I always ran smooth. So I believe that it was not the server fault for ther troubles. Another cool thing that I liked about the server was that the bomber pilots were actually going after their targets and they were getting escorted. Sometimes I would see 8 bombers in mass going after the objectives. One of the biggest complaints I heard about the server was that there is a lack of teamwork and there were huge furballs close to the deck. The teamwork on this server was just as good and the pilots are just as good as the pilots on any other server. I'm really impressed that they were able work so well without the lables broadcasting friendly aircraft. I noticed that all the furballs were over the target areas which makes sense because the hosts makes there mission impossible to win with just pilot and plane kills. ell, I didn't mean to chat so much. Spits vs 109s is an excellent server .
    My thanks goes to the administrators of Warbirds of Prey.
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    Welcome to the brotherhood of full-difficulty flyers.
    The other day I was in a 109, I saw what I thought was a FW190 on formation with me, too bad for me it was a Hurri MKIIc, blew me to pieces. In WWII it happened here and there that allied and axis planes joined formations of enemy aircraft by mistake, this can't happen on a server with icons, just another example of the true to life and cool things that can happen on a no-icons server, that cannot happen on servers with easier settings, S!

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    Its a fun server. I joined the othernight, it was out of balance. I normally alwyas fly Allied but it was 20 to 8 so I choose blue. I took the 109 out and went hunting a target rich enviroment. I seen the Furball, but knew full well my skills in a 109 had no business down there. I was cruising at and around 13,000 feet and I saw a spec equal alt. I watched it coming and and then going right past a grid and a half away. So I turned into to it,and pulled right inbehind this Spitfire. As I get closer my heart is speeding up from the adrenilen, I begin thinking He has no clue. Why does he not here my engine. I always hear the 109 when its close. I am totaly out of control by now with the adrenilen rush I fire and hit him but not enough to destroy him. He smoke heavy and runs for the deck. I don't bother chasing him, kills or okay but getting home turns me on more. I then realise I'm low on fuel so I head home, I had to land on a road just barely on the Blue side of the line. I saw enemy aircraft destroyed but never saw who it was. I was hoping it was =AFJ=Locust since he likes to fly high, and I work with him in Real life, and fly wing with him time to time, but it wasn't.

    I ended up haveing to walk around the house abit before I went back in . Then the next trip I got more agressive and tried the B&Z the furball. I got lucky and tore some ones wing off, and made it home.

    My only complaint is and there is nothing we can do to fix it, is I wish we could fly customs skins, without lag on a public server.
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    If we could see as well as pilots in RL, I would have no problem with no icons. But we cannot. With resolution and monitor/video card technology being the limiting factors, I'll stick with GreaterGreen.

    The hazards of no icon servers can be overcome for the most part by the use of comms. But due to bandwidth issues, I cannot use comms.

    But if you guys are having fun, by all means continue.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by repoman11:
    If we could see as well as pilots in RL, I would have no problem with no icons. But we cannot. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    People will realise it sooner or later. there are so many test being done on no-icon, and every one of them lead to low speed turnfight on the deck. But it isn't bad by any mean, it is actually being favored by the majority of player. However, it is not a setting for serious player. It does not work well with team tactics, and it does not favor historically correct/smart way of flying, i.e. Alt Adv

    Both serious players and casual players can be excellent in term of skill, but they look for different kind of enjoyment.
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    I have to agree with FatBoy....

    I really enjoy this server and play it quite a bit (and recently put my money where my mouth is and registered as a paying member), but I don't harbor any illusion's that it's 'full real'. The view is simply too limited, and that leads to some very strange tactical realities.

    One of the best illustrations is the tactic of 'Sharking'. You swim along, 50 feet above the deck or so, and look for the action playing the turning game at 100-3000 feet. When you find it (and you will, very quickly, as all things are easily visible when they're above you), you surge up from below, ID your target, and fire if it's an enemy. You then IMMEDIATLY dive back down to the deeps, rinse, repeat. This does take some discipline, as you cannot stay up after your ascent if you miss or only wound your enemy, as you yourself are in the kill zone with no energy. If you have the disciple to always dive back down, though, you're a very tough target to kill, as you're invisible. I've had great success with this in-game.

    This is the single, glaring issue with no-icons. That tactic didn't work very well IRL, unless you always expected your enemy at low level (Eastern Front ground pounding attack and defense comes to mind). Any CAP pilot in the 3000-5000 feet range can spot you and likely make a good aircraft ID at 1000-2000 feet. You'd get bounced all the time. If you managed to fit the Predator's 22nd century active camo on the plane then perhaps you'd have the situation IRL that exists on the server.

    Icons do rob some level of immersion, certainly. And I'll re-iterate: I greatly enjoy Spits vs 109's, and I also speak with my wallet. But I've spent too much time in the air in small planes myself (passenger only) to believe an aircraft can completely dissappear at 300 feet against ground clutter in bright, mid-day sunny conditions. I dont' knock the game, as we aren't running Cray's with medical-imaging class monitors, but going no-icon means living within that limitation. And that limit is much harder and less forgiving than reality.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by T_O_A_D:My only complaint is and there is nothing we can do to fix it, is I wish we could fly customs skins, without lag on a public server. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I remember Osiris said skins were on there. Has he changed this?
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    With Icons off you get MUCH closer to replicating the old adage of "Lose sight, lose the fight!"

    As for this tactic called €œSharking€, well I just shake my head at that. It seems to me that employing that tactic, regardless of what server you€re flying (Icons off, or on) is just plain silly. That other old adage is Altitude = Life. Sharks quickly become guppies when they encounter someone who knows what they€re doing with E management.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Call_me_Kanno:
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by T_O_A_D:My only complaint is and there is nothing we can do to fix it, is I wish we could fly customs skins, without lag on a public server. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I remember Osiris said skins were on there. Has he changed this? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I'll have to get back on it today sometime. The few times I've been on I have seen no custom skins.
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    Spit_asuarus, I'm sure you've got some good stuff to say but please....use paragraphs. Text on a screen is 25% harder to read than on a written page (thats a commonly accepted design industry rule) and thats just impossible.

    For all of our eyes...

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