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    My text message box has dissapeared. I can type text messages during the game but I see nothing. occasionally I'll get a black outline of a box where the text should be but nothing else. This seems to have happened since I used voice chat (through a headset). I started this by selecting text, pressing '.' and then selecting the channel (2). I have since set it back to different channels but still have no messages coming through

    Anyone got any ideas as this is spoling the game for me
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    The 'chat window' is resizeable by the mouse. You may have inadvertently resized it down to zero. Use your mouse and drag it back to the size you wish.
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    I cant click anything with the mouse normally (just looks around the cockpit). When I get the map up though I get a black outlined box that I think may be the text box but not sure. If it is then its big enough for me to see the text in it but its just transparent (I only get the outline) or its at the back of the screen;(
    I can get up the normal message box by pressing ` and type messages but then I don't see anything after I press enter.

    I tried to take a screenshot but either its not working or its putting them somewhere weird.

    does that make any sense at all?
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    should have said that when I click in the black outline I get the chat box up to type in text but then it dissapears when I hit enter. So it looks like this is the box that it should be displaying text in
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    Open the chat box as you described and grab the edge of the window while holding a left mouse click. Drag the window down to see more lines of chat or to the right to see longer lines of chat.

    Also, if chat seems to lag, it's because it is scrolled back one line. just open chat and hit Page Down. You can use Page Up and Down to scroll back through server messages as well.
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    If you can't get it to click & drag with the mouse, you can edit chat window location in conf.ini There are lines for x and y coordinates for the top left corner of the chat box (both should be zero) and dx and dy are the bottom right corner. dx should be about 0.6 and dy about 0.15 IIRC. I'm away from home for the next two weeks so I cant check my own conf.ini.
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    Edit conf.ini with notepad - look for

    region=(dx=0.69,dy=0.20833333,x=0.0225,y=0.0616666 67)

    If messages still dont show - type PageDown key when you're in the chat window a few times (click it then PgDown).
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    cheers, all fixed now.

    I tried editing the ini file but that just made the black square bigger so I deleted it and re-ran setup. now its all back and I can see messages again

    I would have replied sooner but I was too busy playing

    Thanks all.
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    he he now I know why I have made a backup of entire FB+PF+AEP v3.00 folder.

    So if anything goes wrong just copy/paste = problem solved.
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    So true I should really say that I renamed the old one then deleted it after I'd got everthing working again, but that was too long winded
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