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    Hi all,

    Let's keep this serious...

    When I started with WW2 flight sims in 1937 ( ) I positioned my stick centrally to the monitor. It seemed natural to copy a cockpit.

    Now and for some time, the stick is to the right of the monitor and in line with my right shoulder. I find that my instinctive reaction relates to the monitor and not the position of the stick.

    Have any of the guys who have built pits found their experience to be different?

    Best Regards,

    But if I had a yoke it would be central as regards the monitor.
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    I've kept mine...

    between my leggs.
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    Well, I use one of those laptop beanbag trays with my X-45 touching bases on top. Have also lashed a cheap rumblepad to the front of the stick's 'knuckle guard' for extra jollies. Quite effective, and the four flipper buttons at the front of said pad (now at the top as fixed to stick) act as trim buttons. Makes a hell of a noise though - I don't notice much with headphones on, but get complaints if I dare to play when the soaps are on t.v.

    Anyhow, fairly comfortable and ergonomic (to me) - plus I can 'sit and swivel' an ex once said to me.
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    I have always found it most comfortable and natural to have the joystick resting in my lap...
    OK...it isn't bolted down or fixed with suckers...but I like it there..
    my best one was a big FF Logitech which had a heavy base and no return spring...
    ...a return spring is useful to allow hands-off flying...but if it is too strong can be a nuisance
    real planes never had a return spring...
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    Both stick and throttle are mounted to my desk, on either side of the stand I made with which raise the 19" CRT monitor by ~11". The placement is quite comfy. [Incidentally, I raised the monitor so that the screen centre is exactly at eye level, and barely more than a foot away so as to obtain a nearly 90 degree wide apparent field with reading glasses on].

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    I've got the throttle quad for my X52 on a slide-out tray on my desk, and the stick is on the desk, to the right of the monitor. It's more comfortable that way, and I don't break my wrist when I use the twisty-stick.

    Unfortunately, my desk only has one slide-out tray, else I'd put the stick on the other one. As it is it sits up quite high, while my mouse is on a couple of wooden pieces that fit into the tray-slot and are secured by a small stick of legos...
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    I have the typical f16 configuration
    Stick on my right and throttle on my left. And of course the key board in the middle.
    That's much more comfortable to have the stick off centre.
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    I use the X52, so I set it up with the stick on the right armrest and the throttle on the left armrest, both held in place with screws for a solid mount. I had tried velcro, but it offered too much play for my liking. I have a slide out tray in the center for either the keyboard or a racing wheel, so I really don't have the option to set the stick up in the center since the top of the stick would hit it.

    Eventually I'd like to build a long throw stick and have it center mounted. But it's one of those projects I'll save for someday when I have spare time and more disposable income.

    Prior to this I was using a CH Combatstick and I always had the stick sitting slightly right of center on my desk. Mostly this was so I could reach the keyboard with my left hand. Having the stick dead center just got in the way.

    I find that having the stick set off to the right gives me the tendency to favor left rolls. Twisting my wrist backhand to roll right doesn't seem as reflexive as pulling in to roll left. I don't recall this tendency when I had it sitting closer to center.
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    Now that I think of...........

    You know the position of gunsight in German aircraft?

    Well, that is the position of my stick too...on the table, slightly to the right of the screen.
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    I have my Fighterstick attached to a keyboard tray swivel arm. So I fly with it locked between my legs and when I am done I can push it to the side. Works really well for me.
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