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    I'm trying to shorten my Coral Sea campaign. Right now I'm flying 3 sorties a day...makes for some slow moving.

    I have put in my config.ini the entry

    and started a new career, but still flying 3 per day. Is my entry wrong, or is this not implememnted anymore.
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    AFAIK your entry is correct wont effect number of missions per day just total for campaign.

    If you want shorter missions try adding this to same place


    MissionDistance= x - Can be set to from 10 to 200 Kilometers, depends on the map and targets available.
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    the distance of the missions is fine. I don't want shorter missions, I want to fly only one sortie per day, or week, or whatever.

    If I change the amount of mission per day, that will intern change how many mission I fly through out the campaign. I know this was working some time ago, before all these patches.
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    There is a setting below "short", CampaignLength=VeryShort. That is as low as it can go, I believe.

    Someone here can probably correct me on this, but I remember reading that the developer of the DGEN mentioned that the CampaignLength value DOES NOT work for Pacific Fighters, just FB and AEP.
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    So I'm guessing that everyone is flying 3 missions per day in PF? Or is it just the Coral Sea campaign? Or am I flying in the twilight zone? Man o man o man....3 missions per day....it's gonna take all day just to get to tomorrow!
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