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    Explained in the title

    Ill go first:

    "He's going to hurt himself, and when he does I wont help him"

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    Assassin: I would have followed the cree-
    Altair: My way is better....

    Someguy: Please, don't kill me.
    Altair: Speak to me or speak to god...

    they crack me up... but there already a thread kinda like this
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    "Noting is true. Everything is permitted."
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    "when will you stop acting like a fool?"-some random citizen
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    "Don't do that again!"

    - Random Guard -
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    -how did you know i wouldn't kill you?

    -honestly i didn't. i took a leap of faith.
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    Random Interrogation Guy: Please, don't hurt me. I won't tell anyone!

    Altair: No, you wont.

    *Stabs the man*
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    "Give me names, I'll give you blood"
    *lota screaming* - Guard after being sliced
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    "Stop screwing around and get on the Animus!"
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    Al Mualim: Blah Blah Blah Altair Blah Robert Blah Jerusalem Blah Blah Free Will Blah Blah Templars Blah Blah Blah Peace...Blah.

    Two and a half minute rant by Al-Mualim after you load up memory block six...
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