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    Is this a bug?

    Using the UIB mod there is a time delay from when you see the explosion of a torpedo hitting and when you hear the sound.

    If this happened only from watching it all happen from the sub then ok, but it seems to happen when watching it all up close using the external camera view.

    Pls let me know if this is normal!

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    Yes, this is normal as it uses the earshot mod which models the time it takes for the sound of an explosion to reach you. I personally love that touch.

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    Yes,this is normal.
    As you probably know,light travels faster then sound so you see the flash of the explosion before you hear it.
    When you are viewing this from close by with the external cam it's the same because you are hearing the explosion from your subs location.
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    ah right ok - thanks! I guessed this might be the reason.

    You are right - it is a very nice touch!
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    This was initially released under the name something like "Average Joe's Delayed Sound Mod" or words to that effect. The author explained about the delay of sound effects with distance from event. Unfortunately, the way the game is hard-coded, he could not make it so that the sound varied with distance. Accordingly, he made a best guess compromise so that you experience the same sound delay irrespective of distance. I think he did a pretty good job considering the limitations with which he worked.
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