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    Haveing enjoyed the game for the last two years online playing external view servers I recently took the big plunge and tried some full switch servers. Had some moderate sucess. I currently have a track ir 3 pro. GTX Video card,Amd 4000 . I belive my hardware is more than enough ,but am amazed at how it's possible that some players seem to play the game all most as if externals were enabled and cockpit turned off.I would like to see any NTRK's that any other players have and would like to send then mine. maybe i might get a pointer or two. thanks
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    It's just bad habits that you took up after 2 years of externals .
    Just look around constantly. And don't go straight, so that you can see what's underneath and in the front. Also shift-f1 is good not only for aiming but also for looking behind .
    That pretty boy has lots of very informative tracks http://www.dreyermachine.com/il2/ from when he was playing online DiD.
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    I saw you playing last night on Warclouds and you were doing great to say you dont play on there often. I dont play on there often (about 6 times in my life and it is very hard after playing on UKded1 with externals and pit off.) It is the hat sewitch on my stick I find hardest to use in a twisting turning dogfight, trying to flick from one view to another is very frustrating when u are not used to it. (Especially when you should just be able to move your head and look around like you would in a real plane.)

    Most were on comms and this is probably why you think people were playing so well.

    A teamate can tell the person in the fight exactly where you are if he is watching the fight and covering, it may seem like he can see you when he should not be able to.
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    I will be more than happy to send an ntrk of any game i played last night. It seems that if you move your head around alot which i do and never fly to straight a line for to often. it's the blur you get when looking around. I have my refresh turned up to 85 Hz the highest it will go before the monitor goes black. But untill I stop and just focus on a quandrant I might catch just a speck of something ,but it's gone before I know it. thats why i would like some ntrks to view and see how other players are coping with the issues I seem to have
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    If your monitor is of the TFT type it's a bad idea to use other refresh rates and resolutions than the one the monitor was made for. Some TFT monitors are refreshing the pictures too slowly for fast gaming.

    Have you tried other TrackIR profiles than the one you use now ? Perhaps you could set up a better profile.
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    I think your being too hard on yourself, I've been up against you several times, I know we have traded kills on several occasions.

    It's just a matter of more practice working together, with wingmen, your shooting skills are spot on.

    And this from a guy that beats himself up all the time on my performance. Just ask Pepper he can concur.
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