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    I read this article about the Sports Illustrated journalist, catching a ride in a F14, and I just couldn't stop thinking about this guy...
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    Funny stuff.

    Too bad it doesn't have more effect in this sim. Pulling Gs, particularly the straining to stay awake and still fly the aircraft (let alone doing it in a combat situation) is exhausting. Our virtual pilots should get worn out and dehydrated and lose effectiveness from doing this too much.

    Instead we have the ability to ride the very edge of blackout for hours on end with no penalty whatsoever. (rather favors the TnB crowd, and their aircraft, unrealistically)
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    I agree with you.

    The Pilot should become tired when pulling too many times too much G's. That's a reason why dogfights in il2 looks unrealistic. In RL pilots also dove away with T&B planes if they were in troubles.
    An other good thing would be the fact that with some kind of pilot fatigue the plane performance would not longer be the only factor to consider and planes which are not among the best would have better chances also agains better planes if the pilot is a smart flyer.

    But If I remember correctly, Oleg said in an Interview that such a feature will not be included in BoB.

    Let's see and hope
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