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    I suggest just getting a refund while you can.. these issues are ongoing and not being looked after.
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    Solution for OUT OF SYNC

    Hello I read several days ago on another forum that the problem "Out of sync" is from dynasty weapon but I didn't believe that at this moment. But today I tried again to load a multiplayer saved game that I couldn't finish in the past and I remove the dynasty weapon on my heroe before to finish my turn and then SURPRISE !!! => no "out of sync" problem and I can continue the game normaly even if the next turn, I reattached the dynasty weapon. I tried also to change dynasty weapon instead of remove it and this solution works also. But I noticed that if the saved game linked to the turn of the second player and not with the player who load the saved game, it is impossible to continue the game and there are always out of sync.

    I'm really happy to find this solution and I wish that it will work also for you!!!

    Good game!
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    apparently there are different issues then, because my friend and I keep getting disconnected from each other while playing together in a multiplayer game, and I tried disabling dynasty weapons and bonuses and neither of us had any dynasty things set on our hero and it still disconnected us after a while.

    I should add that this is not an intermittent issue. It happens every time we play.
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    excellent. But what about the desynchronization of the number of creatures in my army? Are you suggesting we remove my squad from several thousand skeletons? The game is nowhere. We spent more than 6 hours with a friend playing together and never finished it due to the desynchronization of the number of creatures. I think that any student will write a more stable network component of the game than Yubisoft programmers. Dear developers, please fix the network errors. Be human. Why are you burying this legendary game?
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    Hello there daeamon!

    I've reached out to you in this thread regarding the desynchronising issues you're encountering. In future, please can you avoid posting in old threads as this goes against our forum rules. Instead, please make a new thread so we can keep the investigation separate.

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