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    I downloaded IL-2 1946 Add-ons by Boonty.

    When I try double click the exe file with add-ons an error shows:
    and nothing else happen.

    Lately I reinstall my system so I have only copy of whole game (4,04m) at disk E in custom folder (work fine).

    How to install this add-ons to have 4,07 version ?

    Maybe add-ons check windows registry ?

    If someone had same problem and solve it please help.
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    I presume that the entries in your registry for IL-2 are missing. The game works just fine without those, but some services need those entries to determine wether the game is installed or not and where it is installed.
    So someone could extract his entries in his registry (there is a built-in option in the Regeditor to do so) and load them up. Basically they are .txt files with another ending.
    So you would have to right click on them, click on edit and the Notepad pops up.
    The only thing that is left to do then is to change the given path in that files accordingly to where you have your game installed and then close and save them and double click on them.

    This will add the needed entries to you registry and you should be ready to go

    Unfortunately i can't upload them right now cause i'm at school. Hope that helps!
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    If You could put this entries here it will be nice

    Thank You.
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    I will make those .reg (i think that this is the file extension) when i get home, but i don't know where to upload them.
    I could post the content and name of the files on here and you could create them from that, however this is very laborius.
    I will do it in 2 hours or so, maybe someone else can help you till then.
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    If it is not very big text file, please paste it here, so someone else could use it. Other way I gave You my e-mail in private message.
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    (Somebody please help this guy, i don't have my installation of FAP+Pe-2 anymore, extracting those registry entries and sending them to him per E-Mail shouldn't be that difficult.

    dziki_, you could go and ask in the Comunity Help Forum, i'm sure that someone there can help you.
    Or is that Forum down, too?
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    BTW check your PM.
    Unfortunately i am unable to help you further with your issue.
    Sry for teasing you... lol.
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    Could this be of help?

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "Directory"="C:\\Program Files\\Ubi Soft\\IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles\\"


    (Select it copy/paste into notepad, edit value 'Directory' so it points to your installation, save as a .reg file, doubleclick it, should work... not sure though...)
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    Thanks Trottel but a little too late.
    I decided to reinstall FB+AEP+PF (without patches) then I've copy to install folder all custom folder with 4,04m version and it workes.
    But thanks anyway guys. S!
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