View Poll Results: What is to be expected for you during the seasonal holidays? Don't hesitate to tell me if I missed

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  • No. I have got a real life. I will visit my friends and relatives. No stupid gaming this time.

    11 17.46%
  • A little bit, but only aerobatics. Christmas time is about peace and love, not shooting each other.

    3 4.76%
  • Same as usual. What is the big deal about Christmas and New Year's Eve? A good night on Hyperlobby is the best.

    21 33.33%
  • Quite a lot. Finally I have some time off from work, need to polish my shooting skills.

    22 34.92%
  • I will play like crazy! I want to try my new [trackIR|joystick|hotas|pedal|videocard] that is find under the Christmas tree!

    6 9.52%
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    Beuf_Ninja's Avatar Banned
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    Dec 2004
    No unfortunately, I've had to return my rudder pedals for repair Lockon will be getting a good thrashing though
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    tagTaken2's Avatar Banned
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    Dec 2003
    Who knew?

    50% of this forum doesn't have a life...
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    Anyone have a void file for a reindeer? Havn't skinned one of those yet.
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    "Christmas time is about shooting each other, not peace and love."

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    danjama's Avatar Senior Member
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    Apr 2005
    I picked number 1 but i dont really mean it.
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    I picked one, but only because I'm away from home for the holidays, and thus my computer. On the plus side, it does force me to have more of a life, as suggested in the poll.

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    Zeus-cat's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jun 2003
    Would it be inappropriate to ask "What would Jesus fly?"

    That was a joke Lord - really.

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    Too late - he'll be smitin yer **** soon
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    I wont be playin much, too much bodyboarding to do
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