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    Happy-Happy-Happy but I have a question for everyone.I have my game installed on a Pentium 4 1.6GHZ -512 Ram Memory - GeForce 4 Ti 4600 128MB with the newest drivers - Windows XP Home Edition -Service Pack 2 installed up-dated and 9.0C direct-x. My frame rates I noticed was inside the sub running at 24FPS -outside the Sub at 16FPS and looking at my sub from the external view a big decrease drop at 3FPS. What is everyone else getting ? Is this the way the game is suppose to run or is this slow.
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    I get the same as you 32 though inside.
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    I have a P4 3.0 with 2 GB ram.. and an ATI RADEON 9800XT with 256 RAM..
    my FPS are day and night 50-65..
    sky 150-170..
    inside 110-135..
    outside 50-60..


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    Getting about the same as your man above 60+ on open water and over 100+ inside.

    When in a serious sea battle with lots of destroyers etc firing and darting about it goes down to mid 30€s but still very smooth.

    The thing is the games stability I€ve had a few crashes and had to stop my career when my third mission seems corrupt or just wont run from the dock side, I€m sure they will find a few problems and fix it.
    Loaded up a single mission the other day after it had played flawless the day before and I could see the bridge and what looks like men on it at 143M down and it was crashing if I selected certain things.

    The system is rock solid with everything else just this game it seems.

    On AMD 3400+ 64 with 1.5gb RAM on a 6800GT.
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    Would you clarify whether you are having that performance with the FSAA like in the screenshots or did you take the performance figures without FSAA?
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    I €˜ve got AA 8 and AF 16 and I get a constant and great 60 fps, I turned the full screen tick off and my fps just levelled out great, and the thing is its still my full screen 19€ so god know what that full screen tick does is it just for cut scenes?
    Since I took off the full screen its been fine with no crashes so far.

    Not the best pic in a calm sea in the right light the water is like glass
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    I €˜ve got AA 4 and AF 8..with highest quality on and ingame with high options on..
    i granked it up with Shift+pgup..pgdown..
    now i got 30-60 fps..

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    i have a P4 1.4G, 1G rdram, 9700 pro (5.3 catalyst), XP (SP1), directX 9.0c

    i only have a little stutter on map screen at *1024 time compression.

    the game said my CPU was anemic. but, that's all i've noticed. i've spent plenty of time on bridge and other views with no (noticeable) problems at all.
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    sorry if i steal the thred

    but how do you se your fps?
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