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    Anyone know when its supposed to be on the shelves?
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    I believe in North America were looking at 11/9 it just got pushed back again.

    Europe is 10/22.

    Rest of the world. No Clue.

    I'm excited, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I'd rather they just get right and take a couple extra weeks if they need too.

    I'm sure it will be out by Christmas though, thats like an economic boomtime.
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    VW-IceFire's Avatar Senior Member
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    Futureshop doesn't even list it on their website yet...and Best Buy doesn't have a Canadian product list yet.

    So its a wait and see thing.
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    Korolov's Avatar Senior Member
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    Late November/Early December. Be sure!
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    Called EB Games (in Canada) today and they said Nov. 9th. for the Canadian release. Got to get out and pre-order my copy!
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    Bearcat99's Avatar Senior Member
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    Nov 9th is what I got too... I pre ordered at EB games.
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    Ok, thanks guys.. Nov 9th is EXTREMELY far off for a game that went gold on 10/7

    Obviously if its in Gold form theres no more tweaking until a patch is released...

    Just wierd thats its more than a month ahead.. usually games run about 10 days
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    ploughman's Avatar Senior Member
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    Hmmm...a cockpit a day for x many days = period from first cockpit displayed till we get to play.

    Well, it might not be right but it does rhyme.
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