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    Is someone at Ubisoft taking the micky? The first game was world-class, this trash is a joke.

    It ain't easy playing a game where the main dude is such a ****. Nevermind a game that takes all the good bits of the original, screws them up and adds some extra annoying crap on top.

    Where do we go to get our money back? Surely there's laws against passing off trash like Assassin's Creed II as worth buying?

    Apologies to all those 5 year olds who thought it was nearly as good as Teletubbies, I'm sure you're a key market. I think they used the same writers for the dialogue though.

    /frustration at pathetic joke of a 'game'
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    I thought the game was very good, and although I never felt AC1 was repetitive, I do like AC2 much more in terms of gameplay, character development, story and setting.
    Perhaps if you told us what's wrong with the game, or at least why you think the game "sucks" we could say if we agree or not.
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    A perfect example of a troll.

    First off, you don't even explain why you think this game is "trash". What elements did they take out and "screw up"? If at all, they got everything that was great from AC1 and made it even better.

    Enjoy your last days here before the banning
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    How nice that your title falls under this catagory too. It's 'fail' not "fale". Please use a spell check or a dictionary.
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    Feed him, and feed him well.
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    Someone needs a nappy change.
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    Topic Closed.
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