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    Most of the time during the naval academy, I found that to sink a ship I needed at least to torps.
    Since I started a career (I´m on my 5th mission) I decided not to give any ship the chance of being hit, not sunk, and start maneuvering, so I always fire two torps in a row. It works, though yesterday I attacked a DD near Dover and the first fish was enough to break the ship in two pieces. Although the second torp also impacted, the WO called it as missed.

    My question is: how do you know when to use one torp or more? Cause I thought a DD should be harder to sink than a merchant, and it seems not. The point is to save my very limited number of torpedos for more targets.

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    They call DDs tin tans for a reason. Also try to set your torp depth below the keel of the ship so the magnetic trigger sets it off most ships are thinner underneth and use less torps to sink. The big ships C2 c3 t2t3 will need more then 1 but not always
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    I think Uboat captains genrally always fired a salvo, or at least more than one. The importance of the target dictates the number of torpedoes, after all you may not get another chance. i always fire two at least, unless im aiming by eye in rough weather. then just one.
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    I usually only launch one torpedo at a single target at a time. Feels much more rewarding to have all of your torpedoes hit their targets, even if it means more work in order to hunt down crippled ships.
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    I´ve tried a couple of times the "under the keel" method, but no results at all: wether they pass below, or even once it bounced off the hull. It was set to both magentic and impact. Though I will try it, just to see the effect on the ship, which must be rather impressive!
    On the other hand, I guess I´ll keep firing 2 torps, just in case one is not enough or misses the target. I really hate when one torp hits, doesn´t sink the ship and it sarts zigzagging like mad, rendering a fine solution almost impossible.
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    You have to figure what is the depth of the keel of this ship on this moment, and shot just one meter under it. Takes a little of practice, but is very rewarding. Anyway, with electric torpedoes, shot two.
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    Anyway, my personal opinion is that for an "under the keel" shoot, the sea must be rather calm, as with rough seas, the keel depth varies way too much.
    BTW, I still haven´t tried electrical torpedos, but I´ve read quite a bunch of threads stating that they are not very reliable, most of the time exploding before it should or just not doing it at all.
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    The T2 torpedoes SUCK. The T3 has been good so far. I've only had access to them for 2 patrols, though, so I don't have a lot of first hand experience with them yet.
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    I was a fool. In the beginning i thought the higher the number and later they were designed and built the better the torpedo.

    Man was i wrong... T2's suck so bad. Bad range, bad speed, bad depth keeping equipment and premature explosions. OMG and more duds!

    T1's are ten times better although the wake means you must fire them under 1000m to get a good chance to hit.

    Yet to try T3's and up.
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    I´m sorry, but I´m still not very familiar with torpedo acronyms...I´m actually in late 1940, with a type VII Uboat, and still have the same basic steam torpedos. I´ve never loaded the electrical ones into my ship.
    Nevertheless, I usually get hits at more the 2.500m if I get a fine solution. Once I even scored a hit on a C2 at 4.600m, and it took ages for the torp to reach it. I fired it just to see if it was possible, but I guess that such long hits are mostly luck.
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