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    Hi everyone
    I bought the game (AC2) from onlinekeystore.com.
    now i got the key but where can i activate it?
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    As soon as you install the game, you start it up and then provide it with your ubisoft username and password. Then it will ask you for your key. Make sure to remember your username and password because they key can't be used any more after that, it will be tied to your ubisoft account
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    it's to get the extra stuff...but the code didn't worked for me so...play the game earn some uplay points and take the stuff from uplay
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    Now that is the problem , the key i bought it is the game itself :S.
    The other games i buy from onlinekeystore are mosttly EA games and can be activated on the EA website but this one is from ubisoft and i cannot find it on their website
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